Thursday 26 August 2010

QuoVadis Live! Blog Has Moved

With our recent migration to a faster server and ongoing expansion it seemed natural to us to move our blog where our re-vamped QuoVadis Live! - - web 3.0 service is. So if you've linked to our blog feel free to update your link to

See you there! ;-)

Saturday 21 August 2010

QuoVadis Live! Is Growing

You might remember we mentioned some while ago (see this post) our server was so busy at times he simply couldn't cope with more connections. As traffic increased at an unexpected rate the "Sorry! Kinda difficult to keep up right now. Please try again in a few minutes." cartoon message was starting to show too often which was becoming kinda embarrassing... We immediately figured we'd better do something about it or we could kiss our project good-bye. So last week we've moved to a new server upgrading all the code to take maximum advantage of the new architecture. In the process our development team has increased too with addtional members (thing we really needed to do as well). We've been re-enabling features bit-by-bit and are going to release new ones in September. We haven't completely finished yet. But the new QuoVadis Live! is already looking really good. Stay tuned!

Tuesday 20 July 2010

First crewed flight for VSS Enterprise

According to a tweet from Richard Branson and to Virgin News released today, VSS Enterprise realized it's first crewed flight on July the 15th 2010. And what does it have to do with One year ago NASA and the rest of the world celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the first moonwalk. For the occasion we released a small control showing on every map whereby the earth latitude and longitude coordinates where projected on the moon. That was our way to pay a tribute to the 400,000 people involved in the Apollo Mission. The Spaceship Projects represent to us the same than the Apollo Program or Yeager breaking the sound barrier in a level flight on October 14th 1947 or Columbus (re-) discovering America in 1492. In our opinion all these projects are among the few that embody the true spirit of Entrepreneurship. It makes the human being greater by pushing the limits a little bit further every time. And at QuoVadis Live! it encourages us to push the outside of the enveloppe every day a little bit more. Kudos to the guys at Spaceship and in particular Spaceshipone. Here a truly inspirational presentation by Burt Rutan. Kudos and thanks!

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Local Search on

We've just released a tool to search places nearby an event. Of course, the local search feature is not new. But it's still handy to have! Therefore whenever you land on a geoevent page on you can easily have nearby hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. showing on the map around the location the event is taking place.

Check it out at!

Monday 17 May 2010

Google Earth on QuoVadis Live!

Good news for all the Google Earth aficionados out there. We've just integrated Google Earth into QuoVadis Live! When clicking the "View" button on the top-right of a map, you can switch between Map View to Satellite View to Bird's Eye to Street View and from now on also to Google Earth View. Meaning you can now view geoevents locations, friends geolocations, places and geotours in 3-D, zoom out to space and zoom in back to earth, look around the buildings, etc.

Check it out at